i was looking up historically accurate clothing as a bit of art inspiration and found the online museum of saudi arabian costume

there’s a bunch more gems just like these and they’re all so beautiful and unique.  there’s also great information about the clothing, too, such as how they were made, who wore them, what fabrics were used, what the different parts of the costumes were called, etc.  just a really fun and informative site and i thought i would share my find.

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can someone bring capes back into fashion

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Manish Arora 2013 spring/summer


Manish Arora 2013 spring/summer

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Wojciech Kossak, Wounded Cuirassier with a Girl, 1908


Wojciech Kossak, Wounded Cuirassier with a Girl, 1908

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Gold Drip Honeycomb

Borosilicate honeycomb millie by Joe Peters

Fabrications by Liam Powers

Heady Hunter Glass Art Gallery

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 Giannina Antonette photographed by Adriaan Louw, with styling by Marica Smit

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Springtime in Texas

Took a drive into the hill country to see the wildflowers and found this little spot at sunset. I could have stayed here for hours.

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 lula aldunate  radiates mandalas with ornate ceramic plates

new york city based artist and designer lula aldunate has photographed a hand-crafted a series, comprised of vibrantly colored and intricately pattered mandalas. the spiritual spirals are a ritual symbol in hinduism and buddhism, which represent the universe. here, aldunate has recreated the circular motif from ornately decorated tableware, deftly intermingling various colors, botanical prints, plate size and trim. gold leaf overlaps neon pinks perfectly, both unifying and juxtaposing the compositions. the artist is a lover of flea markets, quirky details, colors and prints; thus, the her work always includes a vintage piece, as illustrated in the collection of antique arrangements.

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